Do you know any more “sexy” ways to turn your woman on that will drive her wild? Maybe you have tried them before but were just disappointed with the results. There are more ways than ever to turn a women on and get her in the mood for sex. You just need to know what to do. Here are some tips for you:

If she is a smoker, then you should definitely use cigarette smoke as a means of getting her in the mood. The dark the better. This is a classic. I would highly recommend this as a way to turn her on because it is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Use cunnilingus. Women love to be touched gently on their most sensitive parts. You can do this by using oral sex and then by rubbing her clitoris gently with your index finger. It is a powerful way to turn her on and get her in the mood. This is also a good way to stimulate her g-spot.

Make sure she is comfortable. Most women won’t go crazy if you make them feel weird and out of the ordinary. Before you touch her, make sure she is comfortable. If she isn’t totally into it and she suddenly seems uncomfortable and uninterested, then she is going to reject you and hurt your chances of making love to her. So make sure she is relaxed and comfortable before touching her.

Find out the kind of taste she has. Some women don’t like certain tastes, so you might want to find out what hers is before you start touching her. Also make sure you are able to take off and reveal her genitalia so that she gets used to you and doesn’t think you’re gross.

Make sure you get her aroused. The best way to get her aroused is to use a hot and stimulating foreplay. Don’t go rough with her or any other rough moves because it can get painful for her later.

Experiment with positions. Sex positions are very important when it comes to turning your partner on. Some positions are better for some women than others and you should try out all of the different ones. It might take a few tries but you will find the one that makes her turned on most often. Plus you will learn something new which can help you with getting her turned on in the future.

Use visual triggers. If you can find something that arouses her easily just by watching it, use it. This is important because you have to get her mentally ready for sex so she will be willing to act on your commands. Some women like to watch funny scenes from porn movies, so make sure you know what she likes.

Use aromatherapy. Her favorite scents can be used as sexual triggers. The essential oils of lavender and jasmine are excellent for this. You can also smell sweet pea, nutmeg and rosemary and these have a calming effect on women. These are just some of the many random ways to turn her on and start having some good sex.

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