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The newest way to keep in touch with your Facebook friends is the FaceBook Pinstream email share relationship. It has encapsulated the conventional ways of sharing pictures, videos, music, and contacts (using IM) in one place. Instead of being a static, one-size-fits-all tool, it allows you to send messages to your friends on your Facebook timeline, receive those from them as well as edit them.

You can choose whether you would like an instant message when someone shares something with you or if they just want to send you an email. These choices are there but do not choose the former.

When you send an email, it will show up in your contacts or in a special “Married Life” folder. Thus, if you are a woman who wants to stay connected with your friends or face some difficulties, then this is a good way to do that.

Some people may want to say something about themselves through their posts, and others might just want to be sent a message by mail. The notification that shows up on the screen depends on what is available.

You have two options; whether or not wanting to be notified when someone emails you or would instead be alerted whenever somebody sends something out via gmail. It’s totally upon oneself.

Spamming isn’t allowed here at all. Facebook requires the use of a “protected profile,” which does not support such restrictions for messaging services on its sites. Therefore, if anything has been tagged as any public server email address, ensure it stops now.

A single email can allow the sending, receiving, and editing of all messages so there is no need to open each message in the inbox privately. If sending only one email daily will have enough information for both friends’ boxes, why should there be two?

But if you really want other people to know when using the service or what they are doing while using it, they might opt for switching on notifications appearing on the profile page alongside one’s own name. Generally, though, it is a way to stay in touch and informed.

You can make the Facebook application look different and even alter its sound from time to time. This will let you send an email that looks just like the rest and is as well crafted as any other email you have ever sent through your personal account.

You can also post messages in various locations, including your website, or in multiple languages. This is an excellent means of reaching potential clients who may not be native English speakers. You can also use the applications to send emails on your Facebook timeline.

For one’s personal email address to be seen by all contacts on Facebook, there must be a minimum number of friends before this kind of sharing can take place. Therefore, check if there are at least that many friends, and then go ahead and share your information with them.

Also, you have to sign up for a service that will let you email some people if you want to send an email. Many others choose a private blog or their own email instead of joining such services that have “privacy” messaging features.

With this kind of private messaging, you can tailor your messages to ensure they appear only in the inbox of one person or even a particular group. Sending emails individually to many recipients is much harder than sending messages. Additionally, one can include his/her birthdate and other essential aspects like one’s name and personal details.

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